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Russia, Poland Agree to Gas Supply Deal

Reuters is reporting that Russia and Poland have agreed a new gas supply deal conforming to EU rules.

The deal should ease worries that Europe, which takes gas through the Polish pipeline, will face shortages during the coming winter.

Russia and Poland agreed on to increase gas delivery to Poland and its transit to Germany through the Yamal pipeline last year but was not signed due to worries that it was incompatible with European Union laws.

“The EU delegation participated in the talks and did not raise any objections to the governmental agreement,” Joanna Strzelec-Lobodzinska, Poland’s Deputy Economy Minister, told reporters in Moscow.

Poland’s current supply contract runs out next week, and the delay in signing the deal raised fears of supply disruptions similar to those experienced in 2009, when European consumers were left shivering during a price row between Russia and the Ukraine.

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