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McDonald’s Celebrates 20 Years in Russia

Pushkin Square Moscow 1990

McDonald’s opened its first outlet in Russia 20 years ago this past Sunday, on January 31, 1990, while thousands of Moscoviets braved the cold in Pushkin Square.

To celebrate the milestone, as well as a 23 percent year on year profit increase last quarter, McDonalds’ CEO Jim Skinner announced that they would be expanding their business in Russia by 45 outlets in 2010.

“Russia is doing so well, we have chosen Russia as one of the top countries for reinvestment of capital in 2010,” Mr. Skinner said.

The expansion would bring the total number of McDonald’s restaurants in Russia to 290 as Burger King, their chief rival, arrives on the scene.

“Every new competitor and opportunity to serve the Russian customers is a challenge for us to do a better job, to be more relevant,” Mr. Skinner told reporters regarding the entry of Burger King into the Russian market.

McDonald’s remains the world’s number one fast-food restaurant with more than 32,000 restaurants in 120 countries.

The aforementioned McDonald’s in Pushkin Square reviewed 27,000 applications for 600 jobs before it opened in 1990.

Today, it is the busiest McDonald’s restaurant in the world.

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  1. Eugene Says:

    It’s a pity that a consumption of such a kind of food keeps rising in our country…

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