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Two American Reporters Detained in North Korea

North Korea confirmed on Saturday that they were holding two American reporters who they apprehended last week near the Chinese-North Korean border.

The two captured journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, were doing a report for the U.S. based Current TV on North Korean refugees in China. Two others, reporter Mitch Koss and an unidentified Chinese guide, were also part of the television crew, but managed to escape back to the Chinese border.

The four seemed to have trespassed onto North Korean lands near the Chinese city of Tumen while trying to get closer footage.

According to human rights activists who have visited the area, the border area in question is said to be tough to distinguish; marked by the Tumen River, which is less than 30 yards across here, it is a combination of dry-river bed and ice this time of year.

Regardless, the Chinese-American Ling and Korean-American Lee are currently being held in Pyongyang on charges of “illegally intruding” into North Korea.

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