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Romania Urges Moldova to Join EU

Romanian President Traian Basescu advised Moldovans to carry out the requisite reforms needed to join the European Union on Thursday, during a meeting at a state university in Southern Moldova’s Cahul.Moldova - Romania Presidents

“I tell you, Moldova’s place is in the EU. You need to take a decisive road to the EU,” President Basescu said to a large gathering of students. “This means sacrifices, to be accepted by the political class and the population. But these are worth it because the EU means you can aspire to prosperity.”

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Moldova has been lead by a series of communist, pro-Russia administrations who kept the country as a middle path between Moscow and Bucharest.

Changes are in motion, however, within Europe’s poorest country. A pro-European party took over in July 2009 and has been under the leadership of acting President Mihai Ghimpu since September 11, 2009.

President Ghimpu spoke with President Basescu during the latter’s well received two-day visit to Moldova to discuss future cooperation between the two countries in infrastructure, education, and investment.

“We are not looking at you from a pedestal. Romania entered the EU, but it does not mean that we have integrated into the EU. Romania has to evolve much. We are not far from you,” Romanian President Basescu said, encouraging their neighbor.

Ghimpu also addressed the Moldavian youths in Cahul yesterday, urging them to “fight and use this chance. You, the youths, you deserve this future.”

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