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Yanukovich Declares Victory in Ukraine


Opposition leader Viktor F. Yanukovich has declared victory over current Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine’s 2010 presidential election, which has garnered immense international attention over the last few months.

It is not yet official, and Tymoshenko will not concede, but exit polls currently put Yanukovich three to four points ahead.

In the simplest form, Tymoshenko has the support of eastern Ukraine with her pro-Europe stance while Yanukovich, in contrast, has the support of the Russian-speaking western and southern Ukraine.

The two fierce rivals have spared no expense in their efforts to insult, humiliate, and discredit one another with smear campaigns as they dragged each other through the mud.

Although it has been entertaining, the true victims of this election are the Ukrainian people. They are the ones who will be stuck with one of these candidates as their president in a now more divided country that already has its fair share of problems.

Furthermore, for those hoping this drawn out election may finally find its conclusion, you may be disappointed. The fallout of Tymoshenko’s loss may carry on for some time.

Over the weekend, she called on her supporters to take to the streets in protest if Yanukovich prevails.

As the elections started on Sunday, Tymoshenko’s team also said that Yanukovich supporters were practicing “terrorism” and “open banditry.”

Ukrainian officials deny any such reports.

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