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U.S. Report Ruffles Feathers in China

After Hillary Clinton said last week in Beijing that human rights concerns would take a backseat to the pursuit of more crucial issues with China, a report issued by the U.S. State Department on Wednesday criticized Chinese domestic policy. In particular, the report condemned China’s treatment of ethnic groups and varying religious beliefs as well as questioned the county’s judicial system.

“We urge the US to examine its own human rights problems and not use human rights as an excuse or publish human rights reports in order to interfere with others’ internal affairs,” countered Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu.

The Information Office of the State Council countered the U.S. State Department with a report of their own addressing America’s human rights record.

“The US practice of throwing stones at others while living in a glass house is a testimony to the double standards and hypocrisy of the United States in dealing with human rights issues and has undermined its international image,” the report said.

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