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Online Matchmaking Taking Off for China’s Wealthy Elite

Wedding Show

Who said money can’t buy love?

An elitist and largely exclusive online matchmaking site for China’s growing upper class is taking off as the country’s wealthy bachelors look to spend their money (or their parent’s) on finding the most beautiful partner money can buy.

The company, Golden Bachelor, claims five million registered members and employs a team of stylists, matchmaking consultants, and psychologists to guide clients in their love quest.

There are a few qualifications for those who wish to join the site, according to their website. Namely: a personal or family wealth of at least RMB 2 million (US$291,920); a background that is extremely superior, wealthy, and aristocratic; very good personal qualities or young, talented, and beautiful.

“More and more Chinese people are finding love from websites,” said Xu Tianli, the founder of Golden Bachelor. “The difference between us from other dating sites is we only focus on the high-level clients – those with a high social status or superior physical condition. We don’t focus on the mass general public.”

Golden Bachelor also does things a bit differently than other matchmaking sites in China.

What makes them particularly unique is their staff of “love hunters” who travel the country in search of China’s most beautiful bachelorettes. They are then shown off during elaborate and opulent matchmaking parties.

According to CNN, the last one of these shows took place on December 20th in Beijing with an entrance fee of RMB 100,000 (US$14,596) for the suitors. The women paraded around in wedding gowns as well as sang, danced, and cooked for the 22 single men in attendance.

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