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China Irked by Pentagon Report

The Pentagon was very critical of China’s growing military power in its annual report to the U.S. Congress, claiming it is altering the military balance in Asia.

The U.S. Department of Defense criticized China’s development of “disruptive military technologies,” including “nuclear, space, and cyber warfare.”

The U.S. is also worried about the purpose of China’s military, stating in the report that, “much uncertainty surrounds China’s future course, particularly regarding how its expanding military power might be used.”

Chinese officials have expressed their disappointment with the Pentagon’s annual report, which they feel unfairly portrays China as a military aggressor.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang has urged the U.S. to “drop the Cold War thinking… to prevent further damage to the relationship between the two countries and two armies.”

China’s military spending is still a fraction of America’s and it maintains that the “peaceful rise” in military spending is appropriate in concordance with the country’s economic growth.

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